energy storage financing

    for california's

    commercial properties


    S-PACE leverages and combines

    two Golden State programs

    for ultimate benefits to property owners.

  • What is s-pace?


    S-PACETM combines the resources of SGIP administrators, PACE funders and energy storage solutions providers to offer the commercial/industrial marketplace in California a coordinated, centrally-managed funding process. It delivers all the steps of program administration (from application to funding) for both SGIP and Commercial PACE through a single application. The S-PACETM program facilitates commercial storage adoption by delivering cashflow savings to California businesses, often from the day their storage system is commissioned.


    The PACE program funds the bulk of the installation cost through many participating US funders. The Energy Solutions Provider (participating manufacturer, developer, or contractor) credits the installation invoice with the SGIP-rebate (minus capital and program costs, at the discretion of the individual participating marketer). The PACE program provides financing for the balance of the installation cost. For example, a property owner could get a 20% credit on their contract invoice via a credit offered to them by a storage manufacturer or contractor, and the remainder of the contractor’s invoice would be paid via C-PACE funding. The credit differs with the utility, system design, and usage of the storage system, among other factors, but can be provided at the proposal stage.

    About SGIP and C-PACE

    Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

    SGIP is a ratepayer-funded rebate program overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission and available to retail electric and gas customers of the major California investor-owned utilities (PG&E, SCE, SDGE, SoCalGas). Municipally-owned utilities may have independent programs, but do not participate in the SGIP program, so properties with meters within those areas, like the City of Los Angeles, are not eligible for S-PACE.


    Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy financing (C-PACE)

    California created PACE as a mechanism to attract private capital to invest in private property infrastructure efficiency upgrades. PACE, which stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy financing, allows residential and commercial building owners to easily obtain long-term financing for electricity, water and/or water-related building improvements. The process is overseen by Joint Powers Authorities, or districts, which counties and cities opt into. The district places the amortization schedule for the financed amount on the property’s annual tax bill. Funders join one or more district(s)and take applications for projects that meet their financing guidelines, as well as the requirements of the corresponding district.

  • How It Works


    Does the address qualify?

    1. Does it have a PGE, SCE, SoCalGas or SDGE meter?
    2. Is it in a C-PACE eligible location?  Look it up at PACEfi.com

    Send in the application

    Your storage solution must be fully designed to apply.

    Scroll down for the application.

    The Underwriting process takes two to six weeks, typically.


    Enjoy energy cost savings and long term financing

    You'll will receive up to 20-year financing, while enjoying a significant discount on your installation costs

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    Energport, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based supplier of integrated energy storage systems leveraging automotive grade, lithium-iron phosphate battery cells.

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    Established in 2014 to bring capital to clean energy projects, water efficiency upgrades and seismic retrofits, CleanFinancing LLC is a leading Commercial PACE agency in the US. The for-profit Los Angeles-based company represents numerous PACE funders, active in each of the main California PACE Joint Powers Authorities as well as across 6 other C-PACE states in the nation. The company also delivers tax equity participation to renewable energy and storage projects via PACE-backed PPA and Lease structures. CleanFinancing LLC helps package financing for retrofit and new construction.






















    S-PACE, the program and the trademark, are owned by CleanFinancing LLC.


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